Gabi x Diamond


A life dedicated to diamonds

Master of light in diamonds

The Love 100 diamond is the creation of Gabi Tolkowsky

Gabi Tolkowsky is the most celebrated diamond cutter in the world today. Responsible for crafting some of the most famous and precious diamonds that have ever been discovered.

His understanding of the relationship between proportions and symmetry in the cut of a diamond and how light interacts within the stone to illuminate and accentuate its beauty, is second-to-none.

The Love 100 – Constellation Aurora is Gabi Tolkowsky’s signature creation. An exceptional modified cut, that delivers a brilliance that rivals the stars.

It is the culmination of a life’s work dedicated to diamonds.

The Diamond

An exceptional 100 facet cut, that delivers LOVE 100 brilliance, 25% more than standard cuts.

Master of light in diamonds

Exceptional Beauty

The precision design and exact arrangement of each of the 100 facets of the Love 100 – 43 more than a standard round brilliant, has been carefully calculated to increase the refraction rate for superior sparkle and life within the diamond. 


Your very own star, captured in the heart of the diamond.


Up to 25% more brilliance than standard diamonds.


Your proof of absolute cutting perfection.


All LOVE 100 diamonds are independently certified by De Beers Group Industry Services.

Their superior experience and industry knowledge of grading diamonds provides you with absolute reassurance.

Learn more about your De Beers certification with their WeChat mini program.