The Diamond

Secret Star

Your Very Own Star

Gabi crafted a secret message of the stars at the heart of the diamond. Only revealed when seen through the Heart and Arrows viewer, a halo star glows from within the Love 100 Constellation Aurora. It is an optical mark of excellence seen in only the finest diamond cuts.


25% More Brilliance

The Love100’s facets have been designed in such a way that all light that enters the diamond is refracted back out of the stone creating superior amounts of fire and up to 25% more brilliance than standard cut diamonds. This return of light is the accepted measurement of true beauty in a diamond.

12 Hearts and 12 Arrows

Proof of Cutting Perfection

The Hearts and Arrows pattern is exhibited when a diamond has precision facet alignment in 3 dimensions. This alignment is crucial for the return of light to occur and is what gives a diamond its beautiful appearance.

The 12 hearts and arrows are a visual mark of the Love 100’s design superiority and cut finesse and is exhibited in every one of our diamonds.

De Beers Certification

Diamond Assurance

The independent authorities at the De Beers Group Industry Services have assessed the Love100 diamond and found that it exhibits exceptional brilliance, fire and scintillation