Massimo Alba

A Milan treasure of Style

Doing things with the heart and authenticity, bring you everywhere. This story is part of our constellation of love, lives of creative people we love to tell. Is the story of a niche Italian independent fashion designer, Massimo Alba, that founded more than 15 years ago his Maison, with the intent to create warm, elegant yet simple and high quality dresses for men and women. He wanted his boutique to be “like a Home” and his creations to look like “clothes you’ve always worn”. In 2020 his authenticity and personal style capture the attention of the James Bond saga. Like a fairy tale it was personally Daniel Graig to suggest the brand to the production of the new 007 movie “No time to die”. The tale had an happy ending, and Daniel Craig wear in the film some creations of Massimo. Discover with us his personal and delicate creative universe.

“I often wonder – what’s the most respectful way to approach womenswear, to design a collection for women? The more I think about the question, the more I am convinced that a dress – or a coat, a jacket, a shirt – don’t’ have to overwhelm women: they must accompany them throughout their day. Dressing a woman – outfitting her – can come across as an act of imposition by a designer: I prefer my clothes to become parte of people’s lives, to go places with them, becoming part of their wardrobe and their lives.”

““Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else.” I underlined this sentence a long time ago, as I was reading “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace, and it has stayed with me ever since. What does it mean to be different from others? Does it mean that we may be more like ourselves than someone else? And how about our clothes? Can they really make us different?” Massimo Alba

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