Max Cardelli 2020

The Art of Portrait

Max Cardelli is the author of the poetic portraits of our Collection. With his long experience as photographer, started in the analog era. He is a truly passionate of image and especially of human beings. We love the way he can capture the authenticity and deeper feelings of his models. For this reason we want him to portray our talents for the Love100 catalogue. Explore is imagery and enjoy his fascinating world.

BIO: Max Cardelli (born in Milan, Italy, 1965) is a portrait photographer. His pictures have been presented in different exhibitions and published in magazines and newspapers all over the world. Max is also a Platinum Palladium printer, with his studio he is creating Platinotypes for his fine art prints. 

EXHIBITIONS: 2018 “Visage”, solo exhibition organized with the support of the Italian Embassy of Georgia, TBC Gallery, Tbilisi. 2018 “My face is your landscape”, solo exhibition, Kolga Tbilisi Photo. 2017 “Blackout”, solo exhibition of landscape photographs printed in Platinum Palladium, P46Gallery, Camogli. 2017 “Wonderwomen, Portraits 1996-2016”, solo exhibition and book presentation, Stamberga, Milan. 2015 “Wonderwomen”, solo exhibition of Women portraits, C. Cuccagna, Milan. 2014 “Forma Luce”, solo exhibition of B/W photographs of the actress Isabella Ferrari with poems by Aldo Nove, Horti Sallustiani, Rome. 2014 “The Silcence”, bitico fine art chromogenic prints, collective exhibition, Garage, Milan. 2011 “Havana, 50 Years after the Revolution”, solo exhibition for the fifth edition of the Biennale of Contempor{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“7b01ee7b-5226-4d45-8169-1df6727b1566″],”srcRootClientId”:””}ary Art, Ferrara. 2005 “Italian Eyes”, a collective exhibition overview on fashion photography in the last 50 years, Milan.

PUBBLICATIONS: 2017 “Wonderwomen”, a retrospective that covers twenty years of portraiture in b/w and color, encompassing the beauty of real women, whether it be actresses, artists, musicians, athletes, scientists and models (printed by Trifolio). 2015 “Tunatartare, a vision of the tujuzu fish market” (artist book). 2014 “Forma Luce”, a photographic narration on the actress Isabella Ferrari with poems by Aldo Nove, a volume at the behest of Bulgari Gioielli for Save the Children (Drago Editore). 2011 “Havana, 50 Years after the Revolution”, limited edition of 500 copies, (printed by Grafiche dell’Artiere).

REVIEWS: Wonderwomen, The face in tension. Portraying the withdrawal, March 2017, by Andrea Pinotti. La Repubblica, Wonderwomen – 20 anni di ritratti femminili, July 2017. Vanity Fair, Wonderwomen – I volti intensi, July 2017. Sprea Fotografia, Max Cardelli e il ritratto italiano, September 2016, by Alessandro Curti. Fotografare, Professional backstage, May 2016, by Giovanni Di Miceli. Radio 105, talk on Kris & Love, January 2016. Il Fotografo, Il ritratto come passione, February 2015, by Alessandro Curti. Financial Magazine, The Silence, May 2014, by Cristina Cimato, Porsche Black Magazine, June 2014. La Repubblica, Isabella e le altre, July 2014, by E. Muritti. Il fatto quotidiano, Ritratti in versi con Isabella, July 2014. Marie Claire Italy, Segnali di luce, July 2014, by Sara del Corona. Panorama, Fascino e mito di tutte le donne, July 2014. Vanity Fair, M’illumino d’immenso, July 2014. La presse, Forma Luce, July 2014. Vogue Italia, Forma Luce, July 2014. Il resto del Carlino, Lo sguardo di Max Cardelli su Cuba a 50 anni dalla rivoluzione castrista, January 2011. Marie Claire Italy, Rendere omaggio alla donna, January 2011. D La Repubblica, L’Avana, 50 anni dopo la rivoluzione, January 2011. Velvet Magazine, Havana, January 2011. Adversus, Interview, May 2010, by Alessio Cristianini. Photographie, Schwarz und Weiss, September 2008, by Sebastian Arackal. Vision, Skank Skank Skank, April 2007, by Didi. Ish, Shooting magic, 2005, by Lisha Ojun. 

AWARDS: 2006 International Kelly Award for the best spread campaign in collaboration with the agency Wieden Kennedy for Nike Women’s Fall campaign. 2012 Finalist for the International London Photography Awards (London Festival of Photography)

COMMISSIONED WORK: Max has worked for international clients such as, among the others, Prada, Lancôme, Nike, Shiseido, Platinum Guild, Pirelli, Etro, Issey Miyake.

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