The simplest and the greatest pieces of our Collections hide the same secret; the craftsmanship of our people, their savoir faire, their experience, the immense love our artisan’s have for their unique and extraordinary work.
We are grateful to share the Love 100 journey with them.

Born in Milan in 1967, Andrea does not hail from a family of Jewellers, instead he came to discover his true vocation when he was a teenager. To follow his passion he studied at the Scuola Orafa Milanese, the Milano Goldsmith School. After perfecting his skill working many years at the skilled workshops of the city’s best jewellery makers, he started his own Laboratory in in 1998 crafting high-end and luxury pieces.
Andrea has a great passion for jewellery and a true desire to create perfect jewels with a refined aesthetics. He invests great care and time to interpret the spirit of the Collections in his hands and gives birth to perfect, emotional and timeless pieces.

The Designer


Each Designer is a unique human being. Each Designer has a story, a inner universe, a constellation of feeling that drive him through creativity and give birth to its lines. We want to celebrate our designer and they special personalities. Under every creativity there is a story. We want you to know it.

Ryo is an extremely passionate and skilled designer. Born and raised in Japan he harboured a passion for jewellery from a young age. He chose to pursue his path from both the designing and the manufacturing aspects by studying directly in the cradle of goldsmithing, Florence. The passion for designing jewellery has brought him to Milan IED, the “European Institute for Design” to perfect his 3D abilities, going on to become one of the 20 people selected by the Richemont Group, (Cartier, Van Cleef, Piaget, etc) for its prestigious Creative Academy. Later he moved to Paris, hand picked by the Maison to design for Van Cleef. His jewellery design work has later brought him to Rome for Gucci, designing for the high fashion market. He’s literally obsessed with drawing, never failing to carry in his bag a sketch book full of precious paper, using any break in the day to sketch for his own pleasure. He has a hidden passion for speed and in his sketchbook, among the drawings of jewels it is not unusual to find beautiful design of futuristic race cars!

The Cutter

Precision Expertise

“During the day I talk to the diamonds. At night, they talk to me”. Gabi Tolkowsky’s poetry of light, legendary cutting experience and immense love for the beauty and mystery of diamonds are the secrets of the Love 100’s unique cut and are the inspiration of the select few master craftsman who polish our jewels.